Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

RAV Organic and its online application platforms referred to as “Platform” allows the users referred to as “User”, “you” or “your” to communicate with each other directly either through email, phone or any other form of communication. RAV Organic understands the importance of privacy and confidentiality of the personal information of users. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) is applicable to all products and services provided by RAV Organic and sets out the procedure to collect, use and disclose information of the Users of the Platform.

The First party will be considered as “User”, whereas the Second party or the contracting party will be considered “The Company” or “RAV Organic” which is also referred to as ‘us’ or ‘our’.

a) We strongly believe and advocate the importance of user(s) privacy and we ensure that we take utmost care to collect only the requisite personal information of the users to facilitate users' experience to use our product or services.

b) Such information includes but is not limited to, username, address, phone number, fax number, email address, gender, date and/or year of birth, and user preferences which are referred to as "Users Registration", collected at the time when a User register/visit or contact us using our website or any other source.

c) We record and retain users’ activity details on our platforms. Any transaction and communication included, but not limited to, the types and specifications of the goods/services, pricing and delivery information, any grievances and complaints or any such information mentioned or disclosed through any form of communication provided by us and/or other affiliated companies of RAV Organic referred as “Activities Information” may be collected as and when the communication and/or transactions are conducted using our platform.

d) User’s collected information including but not limited to recording and storing information such as IP address, browsing and behavioral pattern, browsing software, software, and hardware configuration, page views, session duration, operating software details, and uniqueness together referred to as “Browsing Information”.

e) A user must have to provide certain requisite personal information to register for inquiring about our product or services or to access any specified information failing which will lead to restraining his/her right to access certain features and services.

Upon agreeing/signing to terms and conditions authorizes RAV Organic to collect, retain and use the user’s data for the following purposes:

a) To verify the user’s identity.

b) Processing the user’s registration through a log-in ID and password for our platform for managing and maintaining the user’s information.

c) For providing customer service and responding to their queries, claims, feedback, etc.

d) Performing statistical research and analysis for improvisation of product and services offerings, and contents, enriching user’s experience, and facilitating the processing for marketing and promotional purposes.

e) To facilitate communication between the user and the company through the company website or portal.

f) RAV Organic may use and share user information, such as the user’s name, email address, phone number, residential address, and other such information deemed necessary to provide important information, surveys, product and service alerts, offers, and promotional content with its affiliated companies and designated service providers. Such user information will be referred to as "Marketing Data."

a) We may employ third-party companies and individuals to facilitate our services, provide service on our behalf or assist us to understand the usage of our services. However, we confirm that your personal data will not be disclosed or used for any other purpose other than this.

b) We may use third-party service providers to monitor, analyze and automate the development process of our services.

c) We and our third-party vendors may use cookies for marketing purposes. Which will include optimizing, informing, and serving ads based on your last visit to our site.

d) We do not store sensitive details, like payment card details. Payment processing is being done by a third party and is subject to their privacy policy. User discretion is required in case of payment processing. Users' personal information may be stored by a third party to facilitate payment processing.

e) User discretion is required in the case of third-party links, and we will not be responsible for the content, policies, or practices being done or governed by such websites.

f) RAV Organic may disclose and transfer user data to law enforcement officers and agencies, insurers, government regulatory bodies, and other organizations as deemed suitable for a due course of action.

g) Any or all information provided by the user on our platform, including but not limited to the products, images, remarks, feedback, etc., may be partially or completely available and accessible for public viewing, depending upon the company's discretion. The user may not claim any proprietary rights, including but not limited to the right of confidentiality or copyright in the usage of such information. Users are advised to take utmost caution while sharing and uploading such content that they may consider sensitive and should not disclose for public viewing.

h) Upon signing or agreeing to the terms and conditions, you authorize RAV Organic to use, transfer, and disclose the user’s data to its affiliated companies and designated service providers.

The users have right to access their personal information and request for updating or correcting under the applicable laws.

We use “Cookies” to store user’s specific information and track their visit to our website. “Cookies” are small amount of data sent to user’s browser and stored on user’s device. This helps us to access a user in fast possible way to access our portal and notifies us to understand the purpose and pattern of users visit until disabled or deleted by the user. Disabling or deleting some or all cookies may affect some of the features offered by us through our website and may require re-entering the requisite details on every visit.

Our privacy policy does not intend for the use of minors (below the age of 18). However, we have no way to distinguish the age of individuals to access our platform. Parental consent is required in the case of a minor. If the personal data of any minor user is collected, please inform us, and we will remove the same from our servers.

RAV Organic takes aptly and effective measures to secure users' personal information with the utmost diligence, however, we cannot guarantee the complete security of the data in the era of digitalization. Transmission of personal information is subject to risk at the user's end.

a) We do not sell or rent users' personal information to any third party for any purpose. We also do not indulge in any kind of monetary consideration for selling or sharing such information. However, under certain conditions, the act of sharing or transferring users' information to a third party or our group of companies may be considered a "Sale" of information. We request that such users notify us of the same, and any such request for disclosure or deletion will be properly entertained in due time.

b) Upon receiving any such request the sharing or transferring of users' data will be stopped. Such requests may affect the performance or experience of certain features or services that require access to the personal information of the user. However, in any circumstance, it should not be considered an act of discrimination against users from exercising their rights.

c) Upon the request for deletion of users' personal information, one may not be able to use certain functions that require access to such information. Moreover, users' personal information will be deleted from the server and the subsequent information to do the same will also be furnished to the other associated service providers upon receiving the request for deletion of personal information from the user.

We retain user’s data for a definite period of time till it is required for research and analytical purpose and we may retain the same if we consider it necessary to prevent fraud, abuse, or any possible threat to defend our legal rights.

The policy is subject to change over time as per the requirements, and the users will be notified via mail or notice, and subsequent changes will be posted on the company website. However, the user's discretion is required to review the policy periodically. The effective date of implementation of the policy will be mentioned at the top of the policy and shall be deemed effective after being posted on the website.